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VuScreen– An Integrated & Managed In-Flight Solution


VuScreen IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) is the 1st ever Profitable Smart Wireless solution that enables delivery of in-flight services including entertainment, e-commerce and engagement services. It employs proprietary Smart-device based WiFi technology to enable bi-directional exchange of information between passenger’s and crew’s portable electronic devices. Our unique technology assets can simplify operational, training and installation challenges faced in legacy systems around the world and elevates the travel experience for the passengers and the aircraft crew members.

How It Works

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VuScreen is a lightweight and portable (under 0.5kg) smart device based solution that can be taken aboard a fully loaded aircraft instantly. It being a carry in carry out solution, can be easily placed in overhead bins making it quick to move between planes as needed. Taking in-flight entertainment solution to the next level, VuScreen also enable users with seat to seat chat, placing food and other E-Commerce orders on-board making a passenger’s journey even more fun.

The superior swap-able battery makes maintenance easy and cost effective ensuring service availability for even the longest sectors.


Why VuScreen

All In One Profitable In-Flight Solution

Portable & Lightweight

Zero Installation

Remote Content Management



Access to Regional & International Content

Our Services

One Platform Multiple Solutions


Seat-to-Seat Chat


Public Address & other
System Integration

Meals On-board &
Inventory Management

Near Real-Time
Content Management

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